Welcome to REVERR

We Know And Understand That Your ‘Network’ is Your ‘Net-Worth’

Reverr aims at creating connections and helping you create valuable connections to learn and get inspired by. Reverr’s ‘COMMUNITY’ is your own entrepreneur network for startups and our services are heavily network-bound. Through us, you get a startup networking platform that is as goal-oriented as you are through the networking channels at Reverr, you get:

1. A good network helps you learn better.
2. An opportunity to find a co-founder.
3. You can get clients with a good networking channel.

How does this startup
networking platform work?

The startup networking at Reverr is extremely simple. There’s a small process that you will go through which includes:

Login or Sign-up
to our app

Login or Sign-up to our app This is the first step in your network building process. You simply have to download Reverr app from Playstore and fill in your credentials so that we remember who you are and boom! You are ready to go.

Have a personal interaction with the
Reverr community

Have a personal interaction with the Reverr community Connections get built with good communication and Reverr as a platform provides you just that. Once you login to our app, we will make you a part of Reverr group and you can talk to multiple entrepreneurs and mentors alike.

Be a part of
timely events

Be a part of timely events Revere provides you space and place to open up yourself and your ideas without fear of harsh judgment. We at Reverr work day and night to make you connect with multiple people of your background and hence make your time count for the best.

Talk away your questions
and suggestions

Once you are officially a Reverrite, you are welcome to be a part of fun events that are organized on a timely basis. The events consist of podcasts, instagram lives with growing entrepreneurs and a lot more.

Methods of Networking: Reverr works with:

Community :

Community is a space that we at Reverr offer you where you can find a cofounder and know how the startup world works. In ways that traditional marketing or advertising channels can't, community multiplies your startup's resources, presence, and reach. When you become a part of it effectively, the community facilitates and enhances the acquisition of new clients, streamlines support and success, strengthens retention, and offers vital product insights. The community is the lifeblood of our firm, keeping the rest of the team going.

Patch :

With this, you can schedule a one on one meeting with new people and can also fix a video call with them to get to know them better. We believe that talking on chat is not as efficient as talking face to face, even if it is done online. So, once you are a part of the community, you can contact your mentor and schedule a video call with her/him and talk about future plans and current ventures. Patch will recommend five new people to you every week with whom you can create a good network. Our algorithm in such ways takes good care of your interest.

Vibe :

Login or Sign-up to our app This is the first step in your network building process. You simply have to download Reverr app from Playstore and fill in your credentials so that we remember who you are and boom! You are ready to go.

Why do you need to build a
community ealy on in the business?

Having a community helps entrepreneurs of early-stage firms, like you, feel less isolated and enables you to discuss their struggles with others. Your participation in the community motivates you and sparks a group effort to resolve the issue that your startup aims to address. This community validation also develops into a significant awareness and distribution advantage because peers and subject-matter experts from the community have a propensity to interact with one another. Communities make it possible to monitor ecosystem activity. Meeting with various participants enables one to identify who is working on what and, as a result, link relevant members. Along with these, as a member of the community, you can involve in:

Sharing knowledge and developing communication

Once you have a good network by your side, you can get knowledge of multiple kinds from people rowing the same boat as you. You get this safe platform for network building at Reverr. Networking is an excellent approach to improve your communication skills at the beginning of your startup if you've never established a business before and lack experience speaking in front of audiences and engaging people in discussion. You will develop these talents as soon as you can and they will be necessary for your firm at every level of development.

An effective network increases your leverage with investors:

Building a solid network should provide you withcnegotiating power with investors because doing so will increase your visibility to a wider audience thanks to other professionals in your sector. Investors will inevitably find your brand more attractive and desirable as your firm's brand awareness increases, which can be quite advantageous for your startup

Getting Ideas & Feedback :

The network you create at Reverr would also be centered on information exchange between your newly formed relationships. Other professionals you've met might be able to provide you with advice and suggestions on how to get past obstacles if you ever run into them. Additionally, you can talk about issues pertinent to your sector as a whole, which could be useful for understanding your clients and rivals.

Enhanced Business Resource Access:

Finding the resources you need to launch and expand a business is probably the most challenging aspect of doing so. Everything from financial resources to office supplies and professional gear might be considered among these options. Building a strong network will give you greater access to the business resources you need to survive as a company, even though it is possible to acquire the resources you need on your own without any further help.

Accelerate Learning :

Running a business can make it simple to develop tunnel vision, wherein you only think about expanding it using the knowledge and understanding you've previously acquired. When you're attempting to ensure that your business is a healthy and long-lasting one, having a network of pros in your sector will help you expand your perspective.