Welcome to REVERR


Reverr aims at creating connections and helping you create valuable connections to learn from and get inspired by. Reverr's 'COMMUNITY' is your own entrepreneur network for startups and our services are heavily network-bound. Through us, you get a startup networking platform that is as goal-oriented as you are.Through networking channels at Reverr, you get:


How it Works?

Creating a networking platform at Reverr is very simple. There’s a small process that you need to go through which includes:


Login or Signup to our app

You simply have to download Reverr app from Playstore and fill in your credentials so that we remember who you are and boom! You are ready to go


Interaction with Community

Once you login to our app, we will make you a part of Reverr group and you can talk to multiple entrepreneurs and mentors alike.


Clear all your Doubts

Reverr provides you space and place to open up yourself and your ideas without fear of harsh judgment.

Why Choose Us..?


Community is a space that Reverr offer you where you can find a cofounder and learn how the startup world works. In ways that traditional marketing or advertising channels can't, community multiplies your startup's resources, presence, and reach. When you become a part of it effectively


With this, you can schedule a one on one meeting with new people and can also set-up a video call with them to get to know them better. So, once you are a part of the community, you can contact your mentor and schedule a video call with them to talk about future plans and current ventures.


Well, swiping right is not just a matter of dating now. You can swipe right and find meaningful professional networks. Sounds fun right! Once you are a part of it, it would be even more fun than it just sounds. You can swipe on the basis of your interests and filter the choices on the basis of your industry

What we Educate About?

Having a community helps entrepreneurs of early-stage firms, like you, feel less isolated and enables you to discuss their struggles with others. Your participation in the community motivates you and sparks a group effort to resolve the issue that your startup aims to address.

Share knowledge and develop links

Once you have a good network by your side, you can get knowledge of multiple kinds from people rowing in the same boat as you. You get this safe platform for network building at Reverr. Networking is an excellent approach to improve your communication skills

Increase your leverage with investors

Building a solid network provides you with greater negotiating power with investors because doing so will increase your visibility to a wider audience thanks to other professionals in your sector. Investors will inevitably find your brand more attractive and desirable

Get Ideas & Feedback

The network you create at Reverr would also be centered on information exchange between your newly formed relationships. Other professionals you'll met might be able to provide you with advice and suggestions on how to get past obstacles if you ever run into them