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5 Hollywood movies to find your inner entrepreneur

Yashika Gupta

August 7, 2022

Some movies can prompt new and original ideas, others can help you make a real breakthrough or come up with fresh, exciting ideas. This article features a collection of artistic, cinematic masterpieces and documentaries that can be valuable for startups and business sharks, as well as for everyone seeking self-development and actively advancing their careers. This list of amazing, unpredictable, and inspiring movies is sure to catch your attention. The stories convey the details of the advertising and trading industry, reveal successful sales secrets, and shed light on the success of famous entrepreneurs. The stories feature billionaire lifestyles too. What were each of their beginnings like? How did they overcome their challenges? What sacrifices did they make for their dreams? 1. The Wolf of Wallstreet - Director: Martin Scorsese, 2013 There are all of the crazy risks, the thirst for wealth, the moral issues, and the trade secrets of stockbrokers in this movie. 2. Broiler Room- Director: Ben Younger, 2000 Throughout the film, the main characters are young and energetic, enthusiastic and enterprising, and ready to do whatever it takes to succeed. 3. The Corporation - Director Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, 2003 The power of giant corporations is absolute. These corporations can shape the way their customers think. The interests, dreams, opportunities, and very life of an individual are only assets for corporations to exploit. 4. Billionaire Boys Club- James Cox, 2018 A financial pyramid is built on the principle that money makes money. Will the colossus last long on clay feet? 5. Breaking Bad - Director: Vince Gilligan, 2008 In this show, an ordinary chemistry teacher transforms into a thriving drug lord, offering a useful lesson about how to build a business. Presented here are the crucial details of all the constituent processes - from designing a product to delivering it to the end-user. It is no coincidence that movies/documentaries/shows about successful people lead us to reflect on our own abilities and resources, stimulate action, and in some cases, inspire us to start our own businesses.