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Learnings From Linktree's 12 Million Users Success Story

Amodini Bhat

March 25, 2023

The early development of Linktree is astonishing and makes for a great origin story. Together with his brother Anthony and buddy Nick Humphreys, Alex Zaccaria ran a music and entertainment digital agency and was an avid user of Instagram. They were looking for a technique to put just one link in their Instagram biography but share many links. So, in 2016, they managed to do it, and Linktree was subsequently created. The tool was first distributed by the founders around their network, and soon after, a content user posted it on Product Hunt. Linktree suddenly saw between 3,000 and 4,000 signups every day. The rest is history. In October, Linktree raised $10.7 million — its first venture capital round — and it announced at the time that it had 8 million overall users. Here's what they taught us: 1. Everything depends on the product and the user experience. Find out what your customers need by talking to them. 2. Be careful with the free version. 3. Influencers don't require payment. Yet, if one does discover you, step up your customer service a notch to ensure that they spread the word. 4. No founder is an all-around expert. You should eventually bring in an expert to manage your expansion. 5. Incorporate data into your strategy. 6. There are a lot of opportunities for growth when you experiment. 7. Instead of using a hard sell, try educating your clients and involve them in the process.