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Content Marketing - Dos and Don'ts

Kamya Rawat

April 5, 2023

As entrepreneurs, everyone out here desires that every piece of content created is persuasive and valued by the audience but with so much content out there and people struggling with time, probably this is not the case. So what really makes even a masterstroke content stand out? What makes it high priced to a customer or prospect so it will drive engagement and prompt action? Content provides a great framework for brands searching for opportunities to provide valuable content that taps into their consumers’ needs, desires, challenges, and goals. More than 50% of businesses currently invest money, time, and energy into content marketing, with most of them bringing out all sorts of stuff every single day. Read on to know a basic idea how these content ideas work for your business: Know about Frequently Asked Questions: A couple of ways to look for questions relevant to the users is to scan online forums like Quora and Yahoo or to use the Google search bar. For example, if you search "Consumer Advertising Distrust," Google will provide you with a list of questions such as "What are the 4 types of advertising?" 1. Dig Deeper With Keyword Analytics: Instead of keyword popularity, advanced search engine optimization assesses keyword opportunities. For example, you can discover the top-ranking domains and business values for a keyword. Then, you can either target that keyword or look for more suitable alternatives. In some cases, it may make more sense to switch to lower-competition keywords. 2. Keep a check on competitors: One can also use keyword data to check out popular page titles and use these titles to guide content. One can then use SEO Content Templates to get the title of each page. With a list of all the page titles in front of you, you can see how frequently certain phrases occur. This can then inform potential titles when you're struggling with how to come up with content ideas. 3. Group Brainstorming Session: Content idea generation shouldn't be a one-person job. Sit down with other people in your team to bounce around ideas and share inspiration. Not sure how to brainstorm content ideas? Get things started by asking people to share content they've liked, then start discussing what they liked about it. This can be a great way to come up with your own original concepts, whether you need content ideas for a blog or social media. 4. Refurbish Top-Performing Content: If you've struck gold with a content idea, don't be afraid to recycle it, take advantage of some content's versatility and adaptability. You can present each frequently asked question via a series of tweets, turn them into points for SlideShare, or present them in a video. Implement content creation ideas across multiple channels to reach a more diverse audience. 5. Hijack the Headlines: If you're feeling stuck on how to find content ideas, start reading the news. Piggybacking content off of current headlines is a great way to leverage a moment of popular public interest. It's also worth signing up for a daily news briefing so you get headlines delivered straight to your inbox. A quick skim is enough to show if there's something you can tap into for your daily content ideas as it saves time and ensures that you don't miss anything relevant. 6. Check What's Trending: If you're searching for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram content ideas, check out what's trending on the respective platforms. This is basically the social media equivalent of reading the headlines of industry publications. Sometimes you don't have to spark a new conversation — it's enough to take part in an existing one, especially if you have something valuable to contribute. 7. Survey to Learn More About Audience: This is a more direct way to find out more about your audience as quantitative research like clicks and conversions only tells you so much about your consumers. Explore qualitative methods to find out more about your target audience. Surveys are one option, allowing you to create a more comprehensive profile of the people who are interested in your brand, company, or product. 8. Consider a Contest or Giveaway : To get more participants to take part in a survey, you can offer an incentive like a contest or giveaway. In general, prizes are a great way to get your audience more engaged in your content. You can also offer freebies in exchange for something like signing up for an email list, which you can then use to distribute future content. People love free stuff, especially if it's giving them legitimate value. This shows genuine attentiveness toward your audience and their needs and can help you win that coveted asset : Trust.